Welcome to: The New Normal. South Africa is by nature a water scarce region. In the recent past climate change has caused several droughts around the country and these conditions continue to affect a great many pool owners. The Western Cape is currently facing a drought the equal of which has not been experienced in more than 100 years.

NSPI members have an innate respect for water and thus the NSPI has launched an initiative to encourage all Pool owners to convert existing pools to become Water Neutral.
Members will also highly recommend that new pool owners are advised to follow the criteria to meet the standards of a Water Neutral Pool.

Owning a Water Neutral Pool will not only save water, but it will minimise costs through reduced chemical, energy and water use. A Water Neutral Pool is “water-wise” by minimising and even eliminating the use of municipal water.

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0860 – NSPISA (677472)

Should you wish to find the criteria that needs to be met in order to qualify for Water neutral certification, please download it here.