The NSPI’s mission is to advance the business, image and welfare of its members collectively by doing together those things which individuals could not effectively achieve independently. 

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Western Capekocky625@gmail.com
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Gauteng / Mpumalanga / Northern Capechairmangp@nspi.co.za
KwaZulu Natalkzncommittee@nspi.co.za



All bona fide pool builders, spa builders, service and repair companies, and manufacturers of equipment allied to the pool and spa industry, who qualify for membership in terms of the NSPI’s Rules and Constitution.


  • Backing from an organisation dedicated to the growth and development of its members’ businesses.Credibility and peace of mind for your customers Support in the event of disputes
  • Access to site inspections / arbitrations / mediation and liaison
  • Eligibility to participate in the annual awards event which recognises exceptional work in the industry. The awards help set your company apart from the local competition and hold great weight in the eyes of potential clients.
  • Leveraging off the collective knowledge, and expertise of fellow members to enable your business to be stronger, smarter, safer, and therefore more successful.
  • Thought leadership from industry experts that aim to educate and keep you abreast of new technologies and standards in the industry.
  • Access to training programmes and Industry Development Programmes through our Training Academy
  • Networking opportunities through regularly scheduled meetings and events
  • Referral and increased sale opportunities through the development of relationships with fellow members
  • Access to NSPI website and member’s pages
  • Group Advertising and marketing by NSPI promoting its members
  • Access to the Trust Fund Facility
  • Monthly NSPI Newsletter keeping you up to date on the latest in the pool and spa industry.