NSPI members are professionals of the pool industry and subscribe to a strict set of standards and a Code of Ethics, thus providing you with the ultimate peace of mind as you make this important investment into your home.

    • Strive continually to gain respect for the industry at all levels – national, community, local.
    • Establish the highest possible standards in relation to health, safety and public welfare in the installation, maintenance and operation of swimming pools.
    • Support all efforts to improve swimming pool products and service; establish and maintain standards and encourage the research and development of new materials and methods.
    • Design and build in a manner compatible in every respect with public health and safety, and comply with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations.
    • Advertise and sell on the merits of products and refrain from attacking competitors or reflecting unfairly on their products, services and business methods.
    • Interact with fellow members, industry associates and customer with the utmost personal ethical professionalism respect and politeness at all times.
    • Fulfil all contractual obligations. Offer a reasonable warranty of products and services and honour such warranties, either written or implied, where justifiable.
    • Advertise ethically in the bona fide prices and products and refrain from the use of unethical advertising methods. Reveal all material facts; avoid concealment of information and avoid the use of advertising innuendoes which might be misleading.
    • Uphold the concept of free enterprise and service to the public.